The VOICE of the Lord Behind You (Isaiah 30:21)

When we’re coasting in the will of God, and have a proven track record of obedience, God will SLIDE us in front like a QUEEN on a chess board.

Then step behind.

What? We ahead of God?

No, God is still the HEAD, but he leads us from behind. (Is. 30:21) He gives us the steering wheel, and is our GPS in the back seat.

It means you’re a good driver. God trusts your judgement.

You’re spiritually MATURE and have put away CHILDISH things. (1 Cor. 13:11) You’re faithful in the little things, and hold nothing, or no one, before him. (Is. 30:22)

Whatever it is you’re pursuing, however you are living, whomever you are associating with, God will show us his stamp of approval by speaking to us from behind.

That means you’re a POWERHOUSE. You’re SALT that’s changing up the PLACE! You’re a BRIGHT light on a HILL that everyone is stopping to SEE. To God be the Glory!

When you’re behind the wheel, you don’t speed and RUSH ahead of God. And you obey all traffic signals.

If we go down the wrong alley, God will safely see us back. If we turn onto the right boulevard, God will clear traffic!

If we reach a fork in the road, God is there telling us to make a right or a left. And when we reach a dead end, God will make a way out of no possible way.

Crooked paths have already been paved and made straight, and his LIGHT SHINES on a dark unfamiliar road. (Is. 42:16)

Steering our way with the voice of the Lord behind us is an empowering season that is available to every believer. It is the richness of abundant life!

Can you hear the voice of the Lord behind you? Have you proven yourself trust-worthy-enough to drive? Or are you a reckless driver?

The voice of the Lord behind us tells us that his promises for us are ripe. The voice of the Lord behind us fuels us with supernatural hope for our future, and the future of those lives we serve, affect, and change for Christ.


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