How to Find the RIGHT Exercise For You

Just starting to exercise?

Wondering what will work for you and what won’t bore you? Trying to stick to exercise once and for all?

Or, are you a seasoned exerciser looking to expand your exercise horizons?Are you bored with your routine and looking to spice it up?

Well you’ve come to the right place!

In this post I will discuss how you can find compatible exercise activities according to how you were fearfully and wonderfully made!

We will examine the M.A.P.S  Inventory Model, Matching Activity and Personal Styles.

There are 7 personal style themes to examine that will help you determine what exercise activities are right for you:

1 – Sociability
2 – Spontaneity
3 – Motivation
4 – Aggressiveness
5 – Competitiveness
6 – Mental Focus
7 – Adventurousness

1. Sociability – Do you love hanging out with friends and family? Fellow shipping at church? Or do you ride solo?

Social Activities: group fitness classes, walk/run/bike clubs, team sports, golf

Non Social: home fitness DVDs, single outdoor excursions, walking the dog

2. Spontaneity – Do you go with the flow or are rigid and structured? On the whim type of person, or like to sit in the exact same church pew each and every Sunday?

Spontaneous Activities: walking, hiking, running, biking, swimming, gym weight training

Non Spontaneous:  step aerobics (very precise controlled movements or you’ll fall off the bench),  kickboxing, boxing, spinning

3. Motivation – Are you self motivated and have drive? Or do you need your whole church family doing something in order for you to do it?

Self Motivating Activities: outdoor walking, hiking, recreational sports, early morning swimming, training for races

Non Motivated: group fitness classes, walk/run/bike groups, racket sports, working with a personal trainer

4. Aggressiveness – Are you the aggressive type? Need to exert a lot of force and energy? Or are you submissive, gentle, and wouldn’t hurt a fly?

Aggressive Activities: mixed martial arts, high intensity group fitness classes, contact sports like football, hockey, or wrestling, body building, power lifting

Non Aggressive: gardening, outdoor excursions, swimming, pilates, ballet

5. Competitiveness – Got a competitive streak? Do you have to be first or feel like a failure? Do you compete with other Ministries or do you let someone else be first?

Competitive Activities: All sports and races! Take your pick! 5K , 10 K, marathon, triathlon, soccer, swimming, field hockey, volleyball, basketball, tennis, softball, street dancing

Non Competitive: walking, biking, jogging, swimming, hiking, housecleaning

6. Mental Focus – Are you attentive and detailed? Do you memorize the chapter and verse of every scripture you know? Or is your mind less analytical and more sensory?

Mentally Focused Activities: sports specific and martial arts training, dance classes, military boot camp, circuit training, golf, tennis, volleyball, softball, XBOX 360 fitness

Mentally Non Focused: treadmill, stationary bike, elliptical, stair climber, outdoor leisure activity

7. Adventurous – Do you like the excitement of exploring new places ? Taking your outreach Ministry to places you’ve never been before? Or do you prefer the familiar — staying home watching sermons on T.V?

Adventurous Activities: hiking, down hill/cross country skiing, snow boarding, mountain biking, surfing

Non Adventurous: racket sports, group fitness classes, regular walk/run/bike routes

I personally would add the personal style theme of challenge.  I like to engage in activities that physically challenge me because the aftermath of doing it boosts my self esteem and drive!

Challenging: Advanced group fitness classes (i.e spinning), mixed martial arts, race training,

Non Challenging: Leisure outdoor activity

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