How Standards Keep You Happier Than Kourtney Kardashian

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My beloveds, I am guilty of something. I must confess. Out of sheer curiosity, I decided one summer day with nothing else to do, to watch ONE episode of the reality show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians. One episode. I normally don't watch these type of shows, for I believe if you want to watch real life drama, it's possible you can look into your own family, or work place, or sorry to say it… church home. But you can get mad at me later. I've discovered some GOLD. That is, a … [Read more...]

How to Stop Catching Feelings So Soon


Women love to be swept off their feet. We're a sucker for romantic love stories and fairytale happily-ever-afters. But these perceptions DO NOT serve us WELL. Do you know the main source of this brainwash thinking? Hollywood movies. Scandal type television. Beauty and lifestyle magazines. "Love" Songs. Even family and friend folklores. Women are waiting for "love at first sight". We'll be waiting forever. Love at first sight is an inventive notion because the Bible describes God's LOVE as … [Read more...]

Losing Cheap Battles to Win a Costly War


Yesterday I was truly blessed enough to attend a wonderful service that truly exhorted me. "Losing Some Battles to Win the War" was the message. The Rev. Dr. William Watley gave many testimonies from personal experiences, church and secular stories, to fish. Yes fish. He took the congregation on a wonderful journey. When his father passed away, he had a DRAMA QUEEN of an aunt who threw a fit to his mother when she and her son were not permitted to be in the first car for the funeral … [Read more...]

I Need Your Feedback! – 10 Quick Questions

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  *For already marked boxes please uncheck and then check appropriate box.  … [Read more...]

The Mistake of Too Many or Strict Standards

If you've read many of the dating/relationship posts on here, you'll see that creating standards is a MAJOR foundation to receiving the right person into your life. Because of past relationships -- and to honor our worth as a child of God -- we construct and upkeep core standards that help us stay out of messy, meaningless relationships. Relationships that cause us to be undervalued, and taken advantage off. [Be sure to come back and read, 7 Steps to Ending Boyfriend Drama for … [Read more...]

Gabrielle Union’s Decision: Marry a Cheating Boyfriend?


Without passing judgement on this girl or her fiancee, I'd like to address the Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade situation when it comes to women of standard, and cheating. Whether it be fresh off the press once you read this, or many years passé, the scenario is a timeless, universal one that all unmarried women of faith can study, meditate on, and learn from without passing judgement. The Scenario: Gabrielle and her long time boyfriend Dwyane have recently become engaged several weeks … [Read more...]

7 Spiritual Standards to Live by in 2014

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What part of your being will lead you in the New Year? Will it be your SOUL (personality, will, feelings, thoughts) BODY (physical), or SPIRIT (channel connecting us to God)? Often when we live by our SOUL and BODY, we make the same shameful mistakes, drive down the same dead-end roads, and recycle the same PEOPLE that should have been LONG GONE. It will feel like God has ABANDONED us, when really, we've abandoned God. We're making crucial decisions with the WRONG part of our being … [Read more...]

Recognizing Your Future Husband This Year

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I wrote a post not too long ago called, Are You Looking for Your Husband by Appearance? And boy, ain't that the truth! Women are trying to recognize what will be the love of their lives by natural, temporal, sensual cues, such as physical attraction, chemistry, emotional intimacy, a picture in their heads, someone elses' relationship, titles, societal standards, the list goes on... But did you know that God will swipe you OFF your feet by the Spirit alone? There are many … [Read more...]

The POWER of a Non-Marital Vow

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Usually when we think of vows, we think of 'marital' vows. Usually. Many unmarried women think that we don't make a REAL Godly vow until we get married. But marital vows are just one way we can wholeheartedly commit ourselves to undertaking something Holy in Jesus Name. And the bond is just as POWERFUL. Vows def'n: (vows) a set of solemn promises committing one to a prescribed role, calling, or course of action. (Oxford Dictionary) We can make a vow to: Become sexually … [Read more...]

Playing Olivia Pope: Are You Too Far Gone?


I watch #Scandal starring Kerry Washington as crisis manager and 'fixer' Olivia Pope (you probably do too). I've also started watching #Homeland starring Claire Danes as bipolar CIA agent Carrie Mathison.   I must say, these shows have me HOOKED, but these two women... Let's just say I'd like to give a good pep talk to. Their characters are very similar. Both are smart independent women, single, committed to and passionate about their work, and both have this gut instinct … [Read more...]

The Purposeful Woman

We all have purpose, but do we engage purposefully in the things we do? I had a conversation yesterday with a colleague about being purposeful in our teaching with Pre-K children, and that set off a tangent in me about being purposeful in everything we do. Purposeful. I love it! When it comes to the people in your life, is there a purpose? Are you in a relationship with someone where you both serve a particular purpose in each other's lives? Or is it a relationship orbiting around … [Read more...]

The Goodness on Our Facebook Page…


Have you "Liked' our facebook page yet? You will not just find exhortation posts from here, but empowering timely messages that you won't find on the BLOG. But even in liking our page, did you know you're only receiving 16% of our updates? Don't miss out on 84% of this Ministry's empowering and timely messages anymore. FOLLOW these 3 quick, and simple steps to get all notifications from our page: 1. Navigate to our facebook page 2. "LIKE" the page, then hover over the "LIKED" … [Read more...]

5 Signs That JOKER is Playing You For a FOOL


There's a SAYING that I love when a MAN marries a WOMAN. He makes an honest woman out of HER. Don't you LOVE it? But unfortunately for MANY, way too MANY, the opposite happens... He makes a fool out of HER. Here are at LEAST 5 signs you're dating a JOKER and he's making a FOOL out of you: 1. Lies/Deceives - It's surprising how MANY women stay with a MAN despite knowing they're lying/deceiving them. They're in spiritual addiction -- bondage -- because of a soul tie. When he … [Read more...]

God’s Greater Plan is…

Lately, I've been trying to DRILL in my HEAD, and EMBRACE in my HEART, that my ROLE in this LIFE is just a smidgen of God's GREATER plan. It's more SACRED than me as a living, breathing SOUL. More PRECIOUS than my precious family. God's GREATER plan is: more STRATEGIC than my BEST plan more INTELLIGENT than my BEST idea more POWERFUL than my STRONGEST effort more RIGHTEOUS than my BEST intention. It serves us well -- actually our destiny -- to surrender what our MINDS … [Read more...]

Race Not to the Swift, or Battle to the Strong

HARD TIMES hit us all (Ecc. 9: 11, 12), but if we continue to thank and praise God for each step forward, and that we're still breathing, we'll get to where we need to be no matter how LONG it takes. While life's PUNCHES wind us all, it's GENTLY crafted into God's perfect PLAN to make us EXACTLY who we need to be.   Through the Lord’s mercies we are not consumed, Because His compassions fail not. They are new every morning; Great is His faithfulness. (Lam. 3: 22, 23) … [Read more...]

Waiting on a Husband by Appearance?

You will SEE as GOD sees. You will NOT recognize your‪ future husband‬ by size & appearance, you will recognize HIM by his HEART!"  (I Sam. 16:7)   Related Posts: #1 Way to Know He's Not Your Future Husband God Told You He's Your Husband Did He? The Golden Standard for Marriage: Friendship 1st Waiting on Your Boaz? You Can Forget About It! … [Read more...]

In DENIAL You’re With the Wrong Guy?

  FIRST of all, we're in this position because we either 1) don't have standards 2) have standards but we broke 'em. 3) don't know our worth 4) know our worth, but ditched it for some company... I read a lot on facebook about women's dating dilemmas. I hear their stories about how they're being treated, what they're being TOLD, the odd circumstances involved... Women are asking what to do. Should they stay, or should they go? Or do they already know? If we had set some … [Read more...]

Why Adele Can’t Heal You


This is a 2nd-time guest post by Alixandra Arielle Sanchez. Ali is a Certified Christian Life Coach, a Worship Leader at NewLife Miami Church, and working on a BOOK. Visit Ali on Facebook. "Hey girl! Have you heard that new song? I just love it!!!" Really?! What do you like about it? The beat, the lyrics, the way it makes you FEEL?     Ladies, have you ever thought about WHY you listen to what you listen to? WHY you grab that Alicia Keys or Taylor Swift cd when you're … [Read more...]

#1 Reason We Like Bad Boyz and What to Do About It

It's mind-boggling to know that CONVICTED murderers and SERIAL killers in PRISON are getting fan mail, love letters, and marriage proposals from Women. Help us LORD. Where does this attraction COME from? Where in the world is a woman's HEAD for her to swoon and become absolutely infatuated with someone like this?     Sure, at some point in our LIVES -- our teenage years  -- we're drawn to the bad boyz in school. But the 'badness' is just testosterone in a coming-of-age … [Read more...]

Heaven’s Surprise: God’s Ways are Higher Than Ours

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This is a guest post written by Jennifer Smith, a writer, new mother, and associate pastor’s wife in Marble Falls, TX. Find her at where she blogs about faith, family, and sugar withdrawals. Connect with her on twitter. I always dreamed of one of those happy, surprise pregnancies--the kind where the wife tells her husband she’s pregnant, and he picks her up and twirls her around the room. When my husband and I started trying to conceive after only six months … [Read more...]

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