32 – 36 [of 101] Signs the Dude is Wrong For You

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Follow the whole series here. 32. He Can’t Commit to a Task – The guy is not grounded. He’s flighty. He has little integrity, if at all. The ability to hunker down and commit to something important is not edged in his spirit. If he can’t commit to an important task, how will he ever more »

26 – 31 [of 101] Signs the Dude is Wrong For You

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[Late for the party? Don’t sweat it. Catch up on the full series here.] 26. He’s a Swindler – If the man is unethical about money, and doesn’t work hard to make an honest living, there won’t be an  honest bone in his body. If it’s money he’s loves, and with a crooked streak, his life and in more »