16-20 [of 101] Signs the Dude is Wrong for You

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16. He’s a White Liar – I think white lying is worse than straight up lying. And that is because at least with a straight up liar, you know what you’re dealing with. When you discover white lies, you’re not sure what to believe from thereon forth and so you will carry on in the more »

11-15 [of 101] Signs the Dude is Wrong For You


Catch up on signs 1-5 and 6-10. 11. He’s a Control Freak — He needs to be in control to prove himself smart, strong, and a man. Your ideas and opinion have little headway because if it did, his ego is out the window. You have a God-ordained voice that needs to be heard, and a particular purpose more »

This is Your Wait-On-the-Right-Man Game Plan


While we’re finally making small, but BOLD moves to leave the wrong dude, while we’re entering unfamiliar territory, but remaining faithful in God’s WORD, we can get started on a wait-on-the-right-man game plan. Here are some steps: 1. Time to Set the Captive Free – He may have not treated you according to your worth, but you are more »

6-10 [of 101] Signs the Dude is Wrong For You

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Post #2 of the series! We’re gettin’ somewhere! More signs that this dude is all wrong for you: 6. He’s Married – Don’t even go there. He may flirt, give you attention, even say he’ll leave his wife. Whatever the case, you are grabbing [more like stealing] somebody else’s portion without having faith God will send you more »